Barramundi Wholeround
Barramundi Wholeround


Barramundi Wholeround

Available Size:
- 200/300
- 400/600
- 700/900
- 1.0/1.2kg
- 1.3/1.5kg
- 1.6/1.9kg
- 2/3kg
- 3/4kg
- 4/6kg
- 6/8kg

Available packing method
- Block with/without glazing

Experience the exceptional quality of our Frozen Barramundi Whole Round, now available for wholesale procurement. Our barramundi, harvested from pristine waters, is carefully processed and frozen to preserve its freshness and flavor. With a firm yet flaky texture and a mild, sweet taste, these whole round barramundi are a versatile addition to any culinary repertoire. Whether baked, grilled, or steamed, the integrity of the fish remains intact, delivering a delightful dining experience. The convenience of these frozen whole round barramundi makes them an excellent choice for chefs and establishments seeking premium seafood with ease of preparation. Elevate your menu with the excellence of our wholesale Frozen Barramundi Whole Round, offering a taste of the sea that meets the highest culinary standards.

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